T20 Meeting

T20 Summit Season: Task Force 8 Webinar Full proceedings from our webinar on October 15, 2020 focusing on the work of T20

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T20 Infographics: BigTech

New #T20PolicyBrief from #T20TF8: "BigTech Companies: An Inclusive and Global Regulatory Framework is Needed": https://t.co/3b6qPy66Hj @CLo_Macro @JSiabaSerrate @MilkenInstitute @CARIconsejo @g20org pic.twitter.com/3oLFgOcnED —

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T20 Infographics: Digital Money

New #T20PolicyBrief from #T20TF8: "Digital Money is Here: G20 (Thinking) Must Go Digital Too": https://t.co/evMPOcQVw8 @CLo_Macro @CARIconsejo @MilkenInstitute @EUTECChamber pic.twitter.com/ae10OvbITm — T20

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