Regional Economics

** This page regroups the work of the different teams I led while working at the Milken Institute. Last update March 2023.

We study the impact of the 4th industrial Revolution on the labor market. Regions that invest in creating the right environment for entrepreneurship successfully link people with an appetite for risk, ideas, and talent, with the right financial capital, policies and opportunity to grow. Our work focuses on:

  • Regional competitiveness — assess and understand the factors and policies that drive and sustain regional job creation, and communicate these to policymakers and stakeholders.
  • Building Human Capital — focus on improving policies that facilitate the development of educated workforce and improving the alignment between the skills developed in post-secondary education and training and the needs of employers.
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship — assess regions’ innovation assets, explore the effects of technological and economic change on workforce skills and industry mix, and propose policies that could facilitate entrepreneurship

Informing Policy with County-Level Data: The Community Explorer

The Community Explorer investigates US health disparities by first understanding populations’ specificities then looking at their health profile. It identifies the different populations or communities based on their behavioral, demographic, economic, and social profiles. Then it links these profiles to chronic disease prevalence rates. The eight community profiles were identified by using Explanatory Factor Analysis and machine learning techniques, to sort 26 behavioral, demographic, economic, and social factors across 3,192 US counties.

Best-Performing Cities China 2019

Since 2015, the Milken Institute's Best-Performing Cities China series has used the latest and most comprehensive official data to track the economic performance of cities. Our analysis offers recommendations on improving performance, and provides businesses with insight into regional economic trends, helping them to explore potential investment opportunities.

Best-Performing Cities China 2020

The sixth edition of the Milken Institute’s “Best-Performing Cities China” report highlights Chinese cities’ economic performance at the prefecture-level and above. It traces the key factors contributing to the exceptional economic success of these cities, all of which are emerging from the pandemic and the aggressive efforts to contain it.

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