Capital flows and Investment

** This page regroups the work of the different teams I led while working at the Milken Institute. Last update March 2023.

Global Opportunity Index 2023: Emerging Middle Income G20 Countries

The 2023 Global Opportunity Index (GOI) report focuses on Emerging Middle Income G20 countries, including India, Indonesia, Argentina, Turkey, and China. Five years after the first GOI report focusing on Emerging G20 countries, the 2023 GOI report provides a nuanced assessment of these countries’ performance and ability to attract current and future international investment.

Global Opportunity Index 2020: Focus on the GCC Countries

This report uses the Global Opportunity Index and its different categories to assess the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries' improvements in 2019. More specifically, it compares the GCC countries' performances to those of a reference group, the upper-middle-income countries. The analysis provides a better understanding of the countries' economic development and readiness to welcome a more diversified pool of international investors.

Latin America: Global Opportunity Index 2021

This report uses the 2021 Global Opportunity Index and its different categories to provide an overview of Latin America's attractiveness to foreign investors, especially when compared to other emerging markets and developing economies (EMDE). It also offers an in-depth look at Latin America's global capital inflows (emphasizing their composition and evolution over the past decade) and the regions' cross-border M&A activity.

Bahrain and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Bahrain differentiates itself from its larger neighbors by highlighting its well-trained population and low cost of living and running a business. This report shows that these factors, combined with an innovative regulatory environment, attract a more diversified pool of foreign investors, especially venture capital and other alternative financial investors in sectors such as information and technology or tourism.

Global Opportunity Index 2018: Emerging G20 Countries and Capital Flow Reversal

Attracting foreign investors into emerging market economies has been made more arduous by rising U.S. interest rates and heightened geopolitical risks. As their share of capital inflows grows, emerging market economies have also diversified the composition of these inflows away from foreign direct investment (FDI) toward bank and portfolio capital.

Increased Chinese Presence and Other Developments in the Southeast Asian Cross-Border M&A Landscape

This viewpoint focuses on the M&A landscape of Southeast Asia. Among the key findings for 2017 are: M&A flows into the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) are growing and when measured as a share of the region's overall GDP, they have kept pace.

Global Opportunity Index: A European Experience

The Global Opportunity Index (GOI) assesses the attractiveness of potential investment opportunities in key countries. This year's focus on recent developments in Europe builds on our past research examining capital flows and financial regulation in the region.

Global Opportunity Index: Global Investors' Growing Focus on Asia

Asia is gaining attractiveness and stands out as the most prolific economic region for global investors in the new Global Opportunity Index. Hong Kong and Singapore remain on top of the ranking as the most desirable countries for investment, while Japan and Thailand undergo a particularly promising rise.

Cross-Border Investment in Europe: From Macro to Financial Data

International capital flows and cross-border financial integration remain omnipresent in the European political debate as countries struggle with low and divergent GDP growth, new European financial regulation and the anticipation of Brexit. In such a shifting environment, this report first identifies some of the more recent patterns in the landscape of European gross cross-border investment followed by a closer look at banking and portfolio investments.

Global Opportunity Index 2016

Based on the 2016 edition of the Milken Institute Global Opportunity Index, the report assesses the attractiveness of Asian countries to foreign investors and provides a closer look at the composition of Asia's capital inflows.

China's Global Integration and Capital Flows

China has become an engine of the world economy, contributing 20 percent of global GDP growth in 2015. For most of the past two decades, China has run surpluses on both its current and financial accounts, resulting in a significant accumulation of foreign exchange reserves. However, this situation has changed.

A Golden Opportunity With China: How California Can Become an Even Bigger Destination for Chinese Foreign Investment

Since embarking on its era of economic growth and expansion in 1979, China has played an increasingly large role in the global economy and now ranks as the world's second-largest economy. California-itself the world's eighth-largest economy and the principal trade gateway between the United States and China-has been a key beneficiary of this growth.

Trade Finance: A Catalyst for Growth in Asia

While large businesses have resumed international trade at levels seen before the financial crisis, small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have not fared as well. For these firms - the backbone of economies everywhere - growth is impeded by the limited availability of bank loans to finance trade.

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