International Finance

** This page regroups the work of the different teams I led while working at the Milken Institute. Last update March 2023.

Access to capital is changing rapidly because global financial institutions, markets, and practices are adapting to new technologies, outdated and inconsistent regulations, and historical shifts in global macro-financial and trade policies. We identify and facilitate policies and financial practices to improve access to capital for all. Our work focuses on (click on the text to access the publications ):

  • Capital Flows and Investment — identify the underlying drivers of capital flow movements and their impact on investment. We provide a systematic, data-rich framework for assessing countries’ attractiveness and risks to foreign investors with the global opportunity index and other monitoring tools.
  • Global Financial Policy and G20/T20 activities— influence the international policy debate reshaping the global financial regulatory framework and surveillance activities via the T20/G20 and other global policy-setting networks. We leverage our work to improve policy recommendations and influence policy discussions.
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