About Me

common sense, strategic thinking, data-driven analysis 

I head the Research department of the Milken Institute, in Santa Monica, CA. I am also a member of the T20 task-force on global financial architecture, an advisory committee to the G20.

I lead the Institute’s data-driven efforts aimed at influencing policy issues in international finance (systemic risk, financial stability, ESG investing, technology, capital flows), health economics (public health risks, health disparities), and regional economics (regional competitiveness, innovation, disparities). To do so, I assembled a team of experts able to combine the latest techniques in big data analysis and econometrics with analytical reasoning to draw data driven recommendations. 

Finding rigorous yet pragmatic ways to help make sense of complex questions. As an econometrician and a professor of economics first, then a central banker, and now a think-tanker, my focus remained the same: finding the best approach to draw insights from the data and inform decisions effectively.

When not working, I’m probably sparring, surfing, hiking, biking or traveling.