The Future of Money – The End of Fiat Currency?

To technologists the problem that is government-issued fiat currency is technically solved, and that reality is simply not evenly distributed yet. In continuation of our first forum on CBDC and currencies, this event will discuss technological as well as the dangers, and policy aspects of the legacy and emerging financial system.

Panel 1 – “CDBC vs. Sound Money and Free Banking” Lawrence White, Claude Lopez, Sean Stein Smith

Panel 2 – “The Externalities of Government-Issued Fiat Currencies” Congressman Tom Emmer, Christopher Giancarlo, Ezechiel Copic

Panel 3 – “CBDC – A Moral Hazard” Leon Perlman, Ian Freeman

Panel 4 – “Payments – A solved problem?” Mike Cagney, John Kiff, David Mangini

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