About me


Currently, I lead the International Finance and Macroeconomics team at the Milken Institute.  I am particularly interested in investigating issues related to systemic risk, financial stability and capital flows. Working at the institute allows me to design and implement initiatives that combine data-driven analysis (reports, shorter papers, blogs) with stakeholder engagement activities ( roundtables and public panels during MI conferences as well as self-standing workshops) throughout the world.

Previously, as a central banker at the Banque de France, I led teams of economists and analysts to produce economic analysis and policy recommendations on macroeconomic (structural reforms, competitiveness…) and international finance (exchange rate, international trade and financial flows…) issues.

The first part of my career was clearly more technical. As a tenured professor of economics at the University of Cincinnati, I designed and used statistical methods to gain insights into a number of empirical economic issues, including exchange rate persistence, co-movement on markets or convergence of euro area inflation.

This back and forth between France and the U.S. started when I was a student: after a MSc in Econometrics from Toulouse School of Economics, I obtained a PhD in Economics from the University of Houston.

Vitae and Other Info

Short Resume / Curriculum Vitae
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  • 2014-PresentThink Tank

    Milken Institute
    Managing Economist &
    Director of International Finance and Macroeconomics

  • 2010-2014Central Bank

    Banque de France
    Senior Research Economist &
    Div. Deputy Head, Structural Economic Analysis

    Senior Research Economist &
    Section Head, International Finance and Macroeconomics

  • 2000-2010Academia

    Professor of Economics

    Research Assistant,